Saturday, 28 February 2009

We now stock Pure Lochside - a fab luxury Scottish skincare range

We now stock a great range of products from the Scottish skincare company Pure Lochside. This is luxury skin care that's organic, natural, therapeutic and ethical. I have been sampling the Organic Arnica Body Treatment Balm with Scottish Highland Pine and Vitamin E. It has a fantastic rich texture that melts with the heat of your hand and smoothes in brilliantly - the smell is delicious- sort of a mint/pine combo. It is £42 - but a little goes a long way and the quality of the product is amazing! My legs are emerging from winter!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My grandmother made all this possible.

This is my grandmother, Hilda Elizabeth Campbell (1910-2008). She always used good quality skincare and along with my grandfather was interested in nutrition and supplements as an aid to good health. One of my earliest memories is the lovely lemon soap she always had in her bathroom. Natural Beauty Scotland is opened in honour of Nana, my elegant grandmother!
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