Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My own skincare range coming soon.

I love selling skincare products made in Scotland - but I am often asked "do you make these yourself?" - and I don't - yet. But I have been studing - attended a skincare making course plus I have been making test soaps.. So I will be launching my own natural skincare range soon - featuring Scottish ingredients whem available!

Sorry I am not open for business just now.Sept 2010.

I am changing my ecommerce programme behind the scenes - so I am sorry that I don't have a totally functioning e-boutique just now. But soon I will have Google Checkout and PayPal - so you can shop safely and securely  - and you don't even need  a PayPal account to buy your purchases. I will keep you informed of progress. I hope to be trading again soon - ahead of the Christmas rush.