Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Better than a midgie hood!

Now it's April and the days are getting a bit warmer - in a while the insects will start to emerge - in Scotland we have the midge
(Culicoides impunctatus) - tiny but it leaves a nasty itchy bite. Worse on the west coast of Scotland, especially near rivers and lochs - not that a midge would ever put me off visiting these amazing locations!

Gilbert and I went to Knoydart a while ago - - known as the last great wilderness of Scotland. You can only get there by walking or mailboat - even though it is part of the Scottish mainland. It has fantastic mountains, seascapes and an excellent pub with the freshest seafood plus dolphins in the bay - and, of course, midges! - so we went prepared! These midge hoods are effective but not so handy when trying to eat langoustines or drink a glass of Scottish beer - but now we have discovered Mozzy Off! - all natural and 86% effective in clinical trials - used by Trossachs Mountain Rescue even!
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