Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I am now able to sell in the UK again!

Sorry to all my customers that I have been off-line for a few months - I have been changing my ecommerce system and it has taken a while. I can now recommence selling in the UK (overseas coming in a while!) - and all orders up to value of £20 cost you only £2 P&P - any orders over £20 are attract free P&P! I now take payments through PayPal - but you don't need a PayPal account! - it is a secure payment method with all the necessary SSL security you would expect.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My own skincare range coming soon.

I love selling skincare products made in Scotland - but I am often asked "do you make these yourself?" - and I don't - yet. But I have been studing - attended a skincare making course plus I have been making test soaps.. So I will be launching my own natural skincare range soon - featuring Scottish ingredients whem available!

Sorry I am not open for business just now.Sept 2010.

I am changing my ecommerce programme behind the scenes - so I am sorry that I don't have a totally functioning e-boutique just now. But soon I will have Google Checkout and PayPal - so you can shop safely and securely  - and you don't even need  a PayPal account to buy your purchases. I will keep you informed of progress. I hope to be trading again soon - ahead of the Christmas rush.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Animal fat in your soap ? no thanks!

Next time you are in a supermarket or chemist - stop and read the ingredient label on a popular brand of baby soap you may well come across "sodium tallowate" - and what is this ?

Well, it is a basic ingredient of soap making involving sodium hydroxide (an essential chemical to make soap) and animal fat (tallow).

Ugh - no thanks - all the Scottish handmade soaps I sell on are made with vegetable oils and have lovely Scottish ingredients such as heather (pictured below), whisky, oatmeal, gorse and seaweed - check out the ingredients on this page.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Mucky pup - but we have a solution!

This is Millie - my beloved Border terrier - but she was chasing rabbits and came back very dirty - ugh! So I grabbed a bar of Red Dog Flea soap

This is the ideal soap for dogs - it has gentle ingredients such olive oil , coconut oil, citronella, tea-tree and thyme essential oils and even spirulena. But is is not harsh, there are no nasty chemicals to upset your dog - and lets face it, they don't really like the whole washing in the shower thing at the best of times! This soap is excellent for getting smells out too!

And 10 minutes later - I have a clean fluffy dog. Sorted (until next time!)